nexus. 2016.  oil on panel, metal bar, CD, faucet handle, plastic disk, recycled guitar strings, wire, screw. 57" x 29".

Kathe Merilovich  

It’s “Two and a half minutes to Midnight”. When I first began this project entitled “Tipping Point”, in January 2016, it was “Three minutes to Midnight”. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists continues to advance the Doomsday Clock measuring the likelihood of nuclear war and climate disaster. Ever larger portions of the population continue to the realize that we are teetering on the cusp of catastrophe. In the face of ever dwindling odds any possible solution depends on the individual as well as the global community.

 the tipping point project

 I am currently researching a new series of mixed media paintings examining our precarious global situation and the intangible yet intrinsically human characteristic of Hope.

 "nexus" 2016  is the first piece of this new series .
 Hope that we are able to tip the scales and move the clock back farther away from midnight. It is a huge challenge and at the same time a paradox. How to we go forward and back at the same time?

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